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aoeuaoeuaoeu 6 meses, 1 semana atrás
gelbut_ravisher If this is legit, would you be willing to write a quick blogpost (like on Medium) to share your Yamaha setup? I'm fascinated (and I'll admit a bit dubious)
gelbut_ravisher 12 meses atrás
Have you ever heard of "vowel compressibility" a.k.a. disemvoweling? It's possible to drop all vowels while still being able to figure out original decompressed word. Ex: irrelevance -> irrlvnce ... you'd still have to type first and last character. Certain suffixes and prefixes can be stored in piano memory. Ex: length("IRRLVNCE") = 8 < 10 fingers => 2 chords [1 typing motion] over 2 octaves. I'm using piano keyboard. It's better than a regular keyboard.
monti0 1 año atrás
some tips for getting typing as fast as I can on keyboard??
python1124 1 año atrás
If you're legit, then you're an extremely well typer and I appreciate your effort and practicing. If you're fake then whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
gelbutowsk_awsm 1 año atrás
go to the last set of registered users on this site: WPM < 0

gelbutowsk_awsm 1 año atrás
i recommend to learn stenography. looks great on cv
gelbutowsk_awsm 1 año atrás
fake fingers? fake keyboard? fake mind? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ could you be a bit more specific? ^___^

but srsly... this website is full of bugs! the average of my last 10 games is nowhere near 199.97 as you can tell :) occasionally i score 200+ WPM but this site fails to register those attempts for some odd reason

I've modified my 88-key Yamaha piano keyboard. Each octave is now a set of printable characters. I do most of my typing using chords: simultaneous presses of up to 10 keys. I've also modified and tested stenotypes and gaming keyboards to increase efficiency. You gotta chord to keep a consistent score of 180+ WPM @ 100% accuracy.
crypticosprey53 1 año atrás
Is your score legit or is it just some fake thing?
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