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fgodzain 2 meses, 4 semanas atrás
Hey man I heard you play games a lot, do you have any favorite games that you can recommend to me. Also give me an rpg recommendation.
iciimango 9 meses, 3 semanas atrás
I never thought about using the left hand to type y. I will have to try that out. Thanks for the tip (from your post almost a year ago).
geoffhuang 1 año atrás
This black widow chroma feels so awesome...I can't stop typing.

geoffhuang 1 año atrás
Just placed an order for a razer black widow chroma

Thank you black friday / cyber monday.
contivan 1 año atrás
I use a Ducky One Tenkeyless.
It's pretty comfy.
jackd 1 año atrás
That's great man. I'm also planning on getting a mechanical keyboard. The Cherry MX Red switches are great for gaming and typing, so I was thinking of getting that.
geoffhuang 1 año atrás
I am using a cheap $5 keyboard, but I am planning on upgrading my setup next month (including mechanical keyboard!!)
jackd 1 año atrás
What keyboard do you use?
geoffhuang 1 año atrás
When I am playing typing games, I usually just push myself towards a higher speed because it is funner (accuracy will go down a bit)

When I originally learned to type "fast" from multiplayer games with in-game chat, I picked up a lot of bad habits, like using the wrong fingers for punctuation, and not being able to type dashes or parentheses, etc. When I first started typing games, I just focused on going faster. Eventually though, I hit a roadblock and needed to correct the bad fingerings and learn to type special characters (like quotation marks), so I had to force myself to slow down and accept that my wpm will be slower if I wanted to fix these mistakes.
mark3453 1 año atrás
Bro how are you so fast typing???

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