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mhatchette 3 años, 7 meses atrás
the f*** wy is it in Frenc
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You can call me different. It’s not the first time someone tries to insult me by leaving me outcast. It’s just too bad for them that to me, being cast out is the last thing i would expect as a punishment. Yes, of course i’m different. Hey, i might even be an out-of-my-mind lunatic. But you know what? While you’re stuck turning the gears in the great human project, i'm free to do what i please. Because although I’m different, and i'm apart from the group, i have two things you will never have. One is freedom, and the other is a different perception of reality, which I like to think as the better one. So you can call me different, because yes, I am different. And the differences you scowl at, I embrace with loving arms. Because I celebrate who I am, and not who other people want me to be. I’ve flown millions of miles within my imagination, and explored the real me, inside and out. I know who I am meant to be. And I was meant to be different. And you were meant to be a background character, forever trapped while I shine in the foreground. So call me different, or other names of the equivalent. I will never feel the negative effects you mean to send my way. I will always be who I am, and I will never, ever change my destiny because of what one person tells me, or two, or five, or a hundred thousand people. I’ll sum up all of this in three words for you. I don’t care.
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