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milohax 8 meses, 4 semanas atrás
What really helped me improve my typing speed is... learning to touch-type, instead of hunt-and-peck.

But QWERTY is too crazy to learn, except by osmosis. So instead I decided to learn Dvorak, which is logical, and efficient (for English at least). It took me only 2 weeks to learn it because it makes sense, and then after one month I was back at my old hunt-and-peck speed. Now I can type around 70-80 WPM with 90-95% accuracy.

But that was never really my aim. I just wanted the shooting pains in my arms to stop, and was too cheap to get an "ergonomic" keyboard. Dvorak really helped me there.
milohax 8 meses, 4 semanas atrás
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I.... Wait. That never happens. I don't type QWERTY, so my fingers don't have to do weird contortions.
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I'm a self-taught typist. Hunt-and-peck Qwerty from 1984-2003 and then Dvorak touch typist since then, because it's more comfortable, widely available, and was easier to learn.

Mainly typing on standard staggered keyboards although I have used ortholinear (Truly Ergonomic) for 3 years until I broke it.

I want to get an ErgoDox EZ soon. Those look nearly perfect, plus they're repairable.
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