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siddhant 6 años, 6 meses atrás
Hi! Thanks for writing. I'm happy that you want to improve your speed. You have pretty good accuracy in your 70wpm speed range. Accuracy is an indicator that you can start typing a little faster than you comfortably can while maintaining 98-100% accuracy. Always aim for 100% accuracy even if it means you've to type slow. Speed isn't important and it grows naturally. First get your keys right. Introspect and look where you go wrong. Touchtyping is all about introspection and conscious efforts.
I became active on keyhero only recently. My keyhero profile isn't an accurate representation of my progress. To reach till 60wpm, I used Typing Master (WIN software). After that I started racing on typeracer till I reached 90wpm. Racing can help you improve your speed. Because rushed moments tell you where you go wrong. So keep at it, focus on accuracy, and you'll improve naturally. All the best!
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Sick of the bad habits I have accumulated, I wanted to teach myself proper touch-typing.
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