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kritav 18 horas, 56 minutos atrás
Hello. Are you active on here?
nilsthebest 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
The only keys I mess up are the ones around A, Z, Q, S, W, and X, and there is a semicolon where M is supposed to be. Also, for the numbers, you have to press shift on AZERTY but not on QWERTY and it gets confusing real fast. It's just so weird, hehe
mothertrucker 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
Damn, is it difficult to switch to a QWERTY layout if you're using someone else's computer for instance?
mothertrucker 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
Is AZERTY easier to type on?
mothertrucker 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
Thanks man! :)
nilsthebest 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
yes, I like bananas too.
12944qwerty 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
nilsthebest 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
? I'm not talking about anyone :)
user241035 2 meses, 2 semanas atrás
who you talking about me i'm not talking about you.
weesin 3 meses, 3 semanas atrás
Hi. Thanks for reaching out. I honestly don't know why some people are so rude to me. I've left comments on quotes when people make errors - or I've let them know that I find their quotes offensive (if for example, someone posted gangster rape lyrics that call women "b****"). People who make errors can't take criticism maturely and get defensive and mean. People don't seem to get that they're posting to a public site that has a mechanism for providing feedback. Rather than accepting the feedback, they go nuts on me. Thank you for being one of the few kind people on this site. You've mentioned (I believe) in a comment that you're 14. You seem like a very mature teen. Good on you. Good on your parents

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Your typical AZERTY user.
Also, I'm an IKEA chair.
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