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user295615 2 meses, 1 semana atrás
Thank you so much Sir for your detailed and invaluable advice/suggestions, will definitely follow everything you have said. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sir.
hololivefan 2 meses, 1 semana atrás
Hmm, the best ways to improve... I don't know what works for everyone, but I can tell you what I did.

I practiced very slowly in the beginning, aiming for 100% accuracy while ignoring speed. The goal is to be able to type any character without thinking about it. If you feel like you're unsure about how to move your hands to type a character, then slow down and make sure you do it correctly. Eventually it will become automatic after a lot of practice.

Additionally, try not to read the words on screen with an inner voice. This tends to make you pause at commas and periods, because that's how normal people speak out loud. However, those little pauses can slow you down when you're typing.

Lastly, I noticed a huge improvement when I started doing more aerobic exercise and playing sports. I think vsports would also help. I think the increased reaction time greatly boosts typing speed.
hololivefan 2 meses, 1 semana atrás
I think you should go with whatever you find comfortable. Personally, I rest the base of my palms below the keyboard. It's a little easier to navigate the keyboard with my palms lifted, but it gets uncomfortable after a while.
user295615 2 meses, 1 semana atrás
what should be the correct palm posture while typing? I have been practicing for quite sometime now but I am not satisfied with performance. Actually I have developed the habit of lifting my palm over the keyboard and because of that I think I make lot of errors. I have tried to type by resting my palms but because of my habit of raising my palms, I find if very difficult to type. Please help me.
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