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user63736 5 años, 12 meses atrás
I checked your profile... and I was surprised. I didn't know you are an very experienced typist.
user63736 5 años, 12 meses atrás
okay I see
jackd 6 años atrás
Such vulgar words! Have you no shame?... Jokes aside, I think that praising yourself after every small achievement is pretty good... if you want to become average. In order to become the greatest at anything that you do, you must neither praise nor insult yourself. You must remain neutral at all times. Remaining neutral allows you to push forward at a controllable pace, instead of having your emotions influence your rate of progress.
user63736 6 años atrás
what? Well, I didn't think of this because of my mother... It's rather the experiences of my life affected me. And actually the biggest enemy in our lives is ourselves. Don't we everytime hate ourselves or dislike ourselves when we found people greater than us? This is a fact I known reading some types of self help books and I sometimes read them. : )
jackd 6 años atrás
How dare you? Do you kiss your mother with that mouth. Saying such rude things on the internet. Take it back! Take it back I say!... :)
user63736 6 años atrás
Thank you for spending some time to read a tip from me, even I'm not really a pro typist. Tip : " try praising yourself while doing each exercise or practice as if you were talking to a second person, for example : 'you improved!' 'very good job...' 'I'm sure you will get a new high score' , if you try flooding your brain with praises, you could perhaps suddenly get a crash the meter limit wpm.
user63736 6 años atrás
What really helped me improve my typing speed is the tip I read around a year ago, accuracy is the main thing. It really helped me out.
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