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malevolarky 9 años atrás
Hi Wally,

You recently posted on my profile that you dislike my quotes. Since you are one of the more prolific users on this site, I take your opinion seriously. Can you give me some recommendations for the types of quotes that you would rather see?


kaikaikaikaikai 9 años, 3 meses atrás
You've finished 1549 games in less than 2 weeks? Holy moly!

I see you haven't improved much, though. Are you using the propper typing system? If not, you could have a look here: http://bigbrownbear.co.uk/learntotype/ or here: http://www.sense-lang.org/typing/tutor/keyboarding.php?lang=EN

If you're already doing touch-typing, try focusing more on accuary than on speed. I've noticed that your accuracy has even decreased in the last games compared to your first ones. Blind out the speed aspect and try to make as little errors as possible and you'll see much improvement soon.
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