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weesin 5 días, 15 horas atrás
I'm not entirely sure what would qualify me as a troll. I leave positive comments or negative comments as required based on the merit of the quotes submitted
foxx2171 5 días, 16 horas atrás
Why does that matter? It doesn't affect you in any way. @abcdefghijklmno
abcdefghijklmno 5 días, 19 horas atrás
I can't tell if Weesin is just some master troll or if this is who they are.
weesin 5 días, 22 horas atrás
@mothertrucker, who are you talking to? And what is the basis for your comment?
mothertrucker 5 días, 23 horas atrás
you take things way too seriously
foxx2171 1 semana atrás
lol. you have issues @xeyk
weesin 1 semana, 1 día atrás
Way to conduct yourself like an idiot @xeyk
xeyk 1 semana, 1 día atrás
weesin is really into harem anime because he wants to be the little girl.
weesin 1 semana, 2 días atrás
Once again, I don't really know what you're talking about. Why are you bothering me about your anime needs? I've made it clear that I don't like anime - so what is the point of your comments?
foxx2171 1 semana, 2 días atrás
I'm talking about i need 490 hours of anime for a road trip I'm taking as entertainment

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