From 1982 State of the Union address - Ronald Reagan

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Today marks my first State of the Union address to you... President Washington began this tradition in 1790 after reminding the nation that the destiny of self-government and the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty is finally staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people. For our friends in the press who place a high premium on accuracy, let me say: I did not actually hear George Washington say that. But it is a matter of historic record.

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bvw 2 años, 11 meses atrás
What has ever been the motive of "The Press" President Washington was scourged, mocked, defamed daily in the press of his times. The virtue of the press in that day was that the motive of each publishler was obvious -- -the were boldy partisan. Reagan arose in an era when the press was "well-spoken", yet even more unbalanced and partisan, as continues and has become even more worse today. Yet in Reagan's time, and since the WWI-WWII era, the rise of the legions of imagination and Fake News, Hollywood, Disneyland, TV, radio, cable, of mass broadcasting, "The Press" had succeeded in the biggest lie ever: that they were non-partisan, that they were kind, that they were "Trusted". Never was it so. They have always been biased, always full of false gossip and slander, of twisted and utterly biased takes on actual events and the words of those reported on.

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