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They said that I'm not ready but the truth there is, we can't say that we are ready nor not ready unless we been there. Often times, I feel like my life is nothing but just utter disappointment. I see the dreams I built shatter. I couldn't afford losing, especially seeing myself being underestimated. I couldn't take getting hurt; I do not know if I still have anymore tear to shed.

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dvorakdan 4 años, 2 meses atrás
This is just not very good.
... the truth there is... just say the truth is. I mean, where is "there"? Is the truth inside some box? I couldn't afford losing, especially seeing myself being underestimated. Huh? How is being underestimated some form of losing?
... ready nor not ready... I would go with or there, not nor. ...anymore tear... tears, or, even one more tear, I would suggest.
And ultimately, it just sounds like a lot of cliches put together with no real point.

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