Do Everything Slowly - Nicky Dietrich

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I'm usually fine to good, but sometimes I'm bad and sometimes I'm excellent. I'm more regularly excellent than I am bad, but I am bad sometimes. My focus is usually on accuracy, but sometimes you will get accuracy with speed, and sometimes you get neither. I've found that speed comes with accuracy, so I don't worry about making mistakes. I mean I don't chastise myself for making mistakes. I welcome mistakes as an opportunity to strengthen my weaknesses and therefore increase my speed.

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dvorakdan 4 años, 7 meses atrás
I am finding that while my accuracy has improved some, it is really my speed at correcting the mistakes that has helped the most in getting higher WPM scores. This one, 43 WPM and 92 accuracy, maybe six weeks ago it would have been 35-38 and 89 or 90. It isn't saving the six to ten mistakes that is helping as much as fixing the 30 to 35 still there, and getting right on back to the home row smoothly.
Although it is true the regularly excellent stretches of ten or 15 words in a row without error sure make up for the bad eight errors in three to five word stretches.

That first part is a little redundant, and could probably be written better, but other than that, good quote. Green face it is.

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