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I am a human made of cells, which are made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of up quarks and down quarks and gluons. This is what makes me question the credence of my emotions. If the soul exists separately from the corporeal, why are my emotions just chemicals and signals being sent from one part of my body to another? Is the love I occasionally feel just the result of my physical self willing my mental self into reproducing? I do not wish to pursue a chemical romance.

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bvw 2 años, 7 meses atrás
What a shlock answer i left some months prior. Let me ask you this, does the program that is running on your computer know either the silicon and dopings and metal bits of the electronic circuits that make up the computer, much less the so-called quarks and grappling-ons that make up the proton sized particles, etc -- and going the other way -- does that program know the words, the meaning of them which you read now, which it quite neutrally throws up on the pixels of your screen? And do those words know your emotions. BE. HERE. NOW. Does that sound overly peach robed monkish? It's not. You are you, and not the gluons and bosons and whatevers that just blink in long long long night.
bvw 3 años atrás
Read my book for the answers you seek. But I haven't written it yet. And I do not plan to either. Becuase it is there already among the gluons and quarkiness and hyperspace membrane knittings. So why repeat it?

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