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People make time for who they want to make time for. People text, call, and reply to people they want to talk to. Never believe anyone who says they're too busy. If they wanted to be around you, they would.

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liluglymane 2 años, 1 mes atrás
This quote makes me mad every single time.
user931959 2 años, 2 meses atrás
I am too busy to reply to people most of the time, it's rare that is becaue I don't want to talk to them.
divine_. 2 años, 3 meses atrás
i agree and disagree with this. of course this doesn't apply to every situation and thats something that i think some should take into account you know, but yeah for the most part i do think that this is true.
landon.boi 3 años, 9 meses atrás
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