How you love her! - J. Raymond

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It's not about who loves her, it's about how you love her. You have to learn the difference between what she says and what she means. Don't just make her laugh. Try and understand why she smiles. Plenty have told her she's beautiful, but can you make her feel that way too? There's a difference, see. Compliments might cage her, while empowerment sets her free. My God, what matters to her is not just who flatters her. There's a language to her love that you'll need to learn.

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weesin 4 años, 2 meses atrás
And here's @bvm peddling his religious beliefs again...
bvw 4 años, 2 meses atrás
Interesting and wise observations. "Plenty have told her she is beautiful" - that's a cage built by strong proclivity in a more immodest culture, for traps and cages to be set and strongly fortified with compliments, honors, and appreciations of immodest things or in immodest times, or otherwise immodestly. But what makes immodesty? A disattachment from the holy, mostly. However there are also blessings to be made upon first seeing both a strikingly beautiful person (usually female, females are soooo beautiful) and on seeing strikingly ugly person. Different blessings- and what is a blessing in what is meant here: that one acknowledges that G-d not only created such remarkable things, but that for His purpose, your attention has been drawn to that display. So then, what for? To do the right thing. Don't oppress either the very beautiful or the very ugly.

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