Manifesting the Spirit of Heaven - Zac Poonen

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The most valuable brother and sister in any church is the one who can bring the atmosphere of heaven into a church and who can build fellowship between the brothers and sisters in that church. And this need not necessarily be the elder brother. All of us have the opportunity to become such valuable brothers and sisters.

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weesin 1 año, 3 meses atrás
Seriously? Can people not understand that religious content is not allowed on this site? Religious folk need to understand that non-believers (or what I call "thinkers") do not appreciate religious content. Perhaps they need to consider how they would likely be offended to see quotes about Satanism on this site - their beliefs are no more valid and deserve no more and no less respect than those of Satanists.

NOTE - I am NOT a Satanist. I just used that as an example. Religious folk often hold the obtuse belief that their religion is the "one true" religion and so will tolerate religious content so long as it falls in line with their personal beliefs, yet would be shocked and offended to have to endure religious content that they disagree with (eg. Satanism or Wicca)

Everyone has the right to his/her own beliefs - but keep them to yourself please

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