An Inspector Calls : Mr Arthur Birling - J.B. Priestley

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Just let me finish, Eric. You've a lot to learn yet. And I'm talking as a hard-headed, practical man of business. And I say there isn't a chance of war. The world's developing so fast that it'll make war impossible. Look at the progress we're making.

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anhiro 4 años, 1 mes atrás
Today's wars aren't necessarily between nations, or the left and the right. They're just distractions for the real war which is - and has always been - the top vs. the bottom. If there are less violent revolts nowadays against the ones who control the top of the pyramid, it's because the bottom are slowly getting their rights and their means to fight back taken away by the ones who rule above.

Hearing this quote describing all this as "progress" really kills my soul.

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