A Man is Not a Necessity - Cher - Jane Pauley interview

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A man is not a necessity; a man is a luxury. Like dessert, yeah. A man is absolutely not a necessity. I adore men! I think men are the coolest! But you don't need them to live. My mom said to me, "One day, you should settle down and marry a rich man." I said, "Mom, I am a rich man." My experience with men is great because I pick them because I like them. I don't need them.

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user81230 2 meses, 1 semana atrás
omg yass girlboss!!!1!
weesin 3 años, 3 meses atrás
While I don't share your opinion of Cher (I think she's a talentless hack who has had the good fortune to have hired a great manager and promoter), this is a very good quote
90sgrandad 3 años, 3 meses atrás
There is an error in this. Anyway, I took away the conversational aspect of what Cher had said so if it seems a bit jumbled that is why. That interview remains my favorite clip to ever exist. Cher is truly iconic

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