Snuff - Chuck Palahniuk

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The religious school she went to, growing up, Ms. Wright said how all the girls had to wear a scarf tied to cover their ears at all times. Based on the biblical idea that the Virgin Mary became pregnant when the Holy Spirit whispered in her ear. The idea that ears were vaginas. That, hearing just one wrong idea, you lost your innocence. One detail too many and you'd be ruined. Overdosed on information.

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sparkly 1 año, 7 meses atrás
mattman2255 1 año, 9 meses atrás
Great quote.
catrice 1 año, 9 meses atrás
Update: I was not able to remove the quote.
catrice 1 año, 9 meses atrás
Okay, sir.
hero_man76 1 año, 9 meses atrás
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