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You're my best friend, been by my side since the very beginning of 4th grade. It's always been me and you, no one else, against the world. For anyone else could never laugh the way you do, smile the way you do, joke around with me as you do. It would be truly overwhelming to tell you, after all these years, that I'm in love with you. However, I fear rejection and confrontation with my sexuality. Plus, I would hate to be a lesbian cliche so I'll stay in the closet for now, yeah?

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chieftyper 1 año, 1 mes atrás
no one cares anymore, just enjoy life.
boredtyper 3 años, 1 mes atrás
Wow - terribly awkward wording and punctuation! Instead of sharing your feelings with total strangers that don't care, why not share them with the person who should actually be hearing these words from you?

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