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I truly cannot imagine a time before the internet. Just this morning I was thinking about polar bears, and then seals, and I was wondering, how long do seals live? I looked it up and it is estimated to be 30 years. Yet before the internet, my only chance of learning this would be to go to a library and find a book about arctic animals and hope they had some information regarding seals.

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user931959 4 días, 13 horas atrás
Someone else already mentioned encyclopedia, which is what I came to comment, but add context imagine a book with accuracy worse than wikipedia that was often extremely out of date a lot of people actually had them at home it was one of the main things door to door salesman used to sell, the other option was to ask someone and either if you are lucky they will know otherwise they will probably guess/lie because you can't prove them wrong easily.
greenkat006 8 meses, 3 semanas atrás
Look up "encyclopedia" in the dictionary. ;)

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