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Some people seem to think that the key to typing fast is to just move your fingers faster and faster until eventually your accuracy catches up and you can type fast, but the real key to typing fast is taking it slow, focus on accuracy. You'd be surprised how much typing slower with higher accuracy actually raises your WPM.

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doughth 6 horas, 40 minutos atrás
The same thing for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Trying cut corners and avoiding the moves you aren't good at stunts your skill by developing bad habits in an unhealthy playstyle. Even if you don't include one move, (since each move has it's own cooldowns, etc), you will have to relearn all of your flow because you can't use it at the best time anymore, you have to use your best time for that one move. Chose your goals based on what you want to happen, and chose your action on what the time calls for.

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