How to Stamp Out Creativity - John Cleese

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Let your vigilance slip for one moment, and you could find yourself surrounded by happy, enthusiastic, and creative people whom you might never be able to completely control ever again!

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dvorakdan 6 años, 10 meses atrás
This snippet of an interview does not really do even the portion of it that it came from justice. Cleese talks satirically about "How to stamp out creativity" this sentence comes from the end of his third point...

3. Demand that people should always be actively doing things. If you catch anybody pondering, accuse them of laziness and/or indecision. This is to starve employees of thinking time, because that leads to creativity and insurrection. So: Demand urgency at all times, use lots of fighting talk and war analogies and establish a permanent atmosphere of stress, of breathless anxiety and crisis. In a phrase, keep that mode closed. In this way, we no-nonsense types can be sure that the tiny, tiny microscopic quantity of creativity in our organization will all be ours. But let your vigilance slip for one moment and you could find yourself surrounded by ----- REACHED CHAR. LIMIT.

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