Cross of Gold Speech - William Jennings Bryan

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I am in favor of an income tax. When I find a man who is not willing to pay his share of the burden of the government which protects him, I find a man who is unworthy to enjoy the blessings of a government like ours.

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bvw 4 años atrás
Today, with fiat money and no hard metal standard backing it, further with wild fractional reserve money making: it is worse than an income tax. It is a constant tax increasing upon wage labor and small assets such as a modest home. That is why in the decades since Nixon took the world's major currency off the gold standard completely, wealth has hyper-accumulated to the wealthy and the rest, especially the poor and very modest of wealth lose value of their labor and assests year after year. Worse than an income tax. What indeed, is income?
anhiro 4 años atrás
This quote obviously aged very poorly.

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