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Carrie Bradshaw
The script writer did not wear a mask, because this is most arrogant, and in ...

Be resilient against attacks on your internal gold core of sappiness, and work towards peak ...

Hannah Arendt, author of The Origins of Totalitarianism
Claims to own the dictionary are sophomoric. time travel 1914:"A set or system of theories ...

Mitch Albom
Why are authors and writers in general so stupid?

A person in the population
Are you familiar with the saying "The grass is greener is where you water it"? ...



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Mihael Radjail - Rude and Dumb People
There's no dumb AND rude person. It is either they are faking dumb and faking rude, or faking rude, or faking dumb, or just plainly stupid and arrogant. Either way, you shouldn't give a fuck.

Anonymous - Triangulum The Friendly Triangle Part 3
Steven awoke with a dry mouth and a severe headache. His eyes were so heavy and when he finally managed to force them open, all he could see was black, then for a moment everything was a blur. FLASH! Suddenly his vision was crystal clear, he realized he was in the hospital, the one down the street from his house. It had to be, he had been here plenty of times while visiting his grandfather.

Anonymous - Triangulum The Friendly Triangle Part 2
One day Steven's mom Susan bought Steven a new telescope that she purchased from Mr. Scalene's Science shop. Steven was overwhelmed with a sudden rush of excitement, He could feel his veins burn with happiness, The left side of his body numb with emotion, his eyes twitching with the sense of adventure, and then it all went black. Steven... had a stroke.

Anonymous - Triangulum The Friendly Triangle
A long time ago in the ancient civilization predating humans, the earth was ruled by triangles and the evil squares were recently enslaved. There was a friendly triangle named Steven; Steven Triangulum. Steven was a curious young triangle; child of Peter and Susan Triangulum. They lived in a modest 3 bedroom Tryangulan Colonial house in the small town of Pythagia. Steven spent his days pestering his parents with questions, and his nights gazing into the stars.

-DAY6 - When You Love Someone
It was a really hard day today, my heart aches for you. I'm sorry the only thing I can do for you is to be next to you. I want to cry for you and hurt instead of you. I hope I can be a little helpful at least. I hope I can be your resting place. I'll try to make you feel at peace whenever you think of me during your busy days.

Eaj of Day6 - Truman
You hit me in the morning, said yesterday was boring. When they heard you call me, must have already been sleeping. Always the excuses, my autumn blue in bruises. Yes he's holding his breath hoping what he's thinking ain't know what the truth is no more. Past 12 and you telling me you gotta go. Go out tomorrow morning gonna catch a seizure now. Come on tell me gotta know. Everybody and their momma knows. Don't tell Truman. Please just play along, love might go if she knows, no.

Eaj of Day6 - LA Trains
I'm stuck in this moment cause it shines beautiful. So do the streetlights and so do you. Wish we could stay here, without so much as blinking. Keep you in my eyeline. X.

Eaj of Day6 - Pacman
Loving you's just getting harder and harder to do, cause my head says no but my phone keeps calling you. And you never pick up unless you've got nothing to do. But you say that you want me much as I want you. Over and over like it's Red rover. Will your games ever be through? Play me over and over, Pacman and lover. Hoping you run out of quarters soon. Don't hurt me, leave me. No I don't mean that. Love me all the way to death. Oh it's killing me how fear is holding me down but I wanna hold you.

some guy in asia - When boredom strikes again.
The thing is when you are looking at that special someone, you realise that you aren't able to get them as they are either too hot, cold, or too over your league. But the truth is, who even started the league in the first place?

C - Flaming Torches
The last dying rays of the sun shone upon him, and John stood up and began to pace about the camp. Shrill echoes clouded the misty cliffs. From the Southeast precipice a glare cut through the darkness above. The silence yielded to noises of pursuit. Now he knew the truth.

lysex - Typing.
This skill is useful to finish something that is required to be finished in a short amount of time faster than usual. Many people type fast for fun or to finish something really quickly when they need to.

Danielle de Barbarac, Ever After - Thieves
If you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners corrupted from infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded, sire, but that you first make thieves and then punish them?

Miss Calleros - Into the Spider-verse
If a person wearing a blindfold picked the answers on a true-or-false quiz at random, do you know what score they would get?... The only way to get all the answers wrong... is to know which answers are right.

The Office - Michael's Birthday - Seven
When I was seven, my mother hired a pony and a cart to come to my house for all the kids. And I got a really bad rash. From the pony. And all the kids got to ride the pony. And I had to go inside, and my mother was rubbing cream on me, for probably three hours, and I never came outside. And by the time I got out, the pony was already in the truck and around the corner. So that was my worst birthday.

Prince Zuko - Zuko Confronts Ozai
The people of the world are terrified by the Fire Nation. They don't see our greatness. They hate us! And we deserve it! We've created an era of fear in the world. And if we don't want the world to destroy itself, we need to replace it with an era of peace and kindness.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows - A Special Definition
Sonder: the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own- an epic story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you'll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

The Hunter Journal - Elder Baldur
Bulky and covered in thick plating. Retracts into itself when attacked. As they age, these creatures become too heavy and lumpy to roll around freely. Instead, they curl up and hide from the world. What do they think of in there, wrapped up inside of themselves? More carefree times perhaps.

Zote the Mighty - Precept 7, 8
'Mourn Not the Dead'. When we die, do things get better for us or worse? There's no way to tell, so we shouldn't bother mourning. Or celebrating for that matter. 'Travel Alone'. You can rely on nobody, and nobody will always be loyal. Therefore, nobody should be your constant companion.

Zote the Mighty - Deepnest
Hoy! What are you doing, you clumsy little oaf?! Swinging your rusty little nail around in the darkness? You almost struck me! And if you had, it would have been the end of you. Trust me! I am Zote the Mighty, a knight of great renown. My weapon, 'Life Ender' has struck down hundreds of foes. Begone, or you'll be next!

Terry Pratchett - The Color of Magic
You can't map a sense of humor. Anyway, what is a fantasy map but a space beyond which There Be Dragons? On the Discworld we know that There Be Dragons Everywhere. They might not all have scales and forked tongues, but they Be Here all right, grinning and jostling and trying to sell you souvenirs.