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well that was depressing

dont be a dumbass. they are closed for a reason more important then worshipping imaginary ...

why do people vent on a typing site this a whole bruh moment

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this site is somehow very addicting

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Lmaooooo I love this even though I typed far slower than my average.


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I Hate Them - Love Quotes
Love quotes are among the most annoying quotes on this website. There are far too many of them. They remind me of the radio stations that will play the same love songs over and over again for broken hearts. Stop.

Powerless One - Power and Weakness
Power and weakness are two sides of the same coin. Anything you rely on has this relationship. For example, food is a weakness when consumed in gluttony; Food is a strength when consumed in moderation. Many of us rely on love: "you never know what you have until you've lost it." Be very wary of what you rely on, as you may not realize the power it holds over you.

Thinker - The Calm
My mind wanders often. I think about things that have hurt me. I think about things that have made me happy. What I cherish a lot however, are the times I am calm. A state of relaxation which soothes the chaos going on in my thoughts. No good and evil, no story to tell. Just a warm blanket to cover myself in while the sunshine hits my face.

Thinking Dreamer - Emotions
Emotions can be hard to control sometimes. If you don't control them they end up controlling you. If you let your mind wander it may lead you to thoughts that stir up your emotional state. Don't let others affect you or your emotional state. Stay focused, be strong and, decide for yourself what your emotions should be.

The Responsible One - Tragedy of the Responsible
I'm tired of people around me slowing me down. I try my best to help them but, when I keep helping them their problems become my problems. They label me as responsible and shower me with praise... Ironically, every time I hear their praise it damages our relationship. I know there are others out there who are very responsible too... The reality is I'll never meet them if I stick around people who are digging a hole so deep and wide around themselves it traps me... I want to see the sun.

Procrastinating Typer - What good is typing?
It's really fun typing out a lot of these quotes but, I often find myself wondering why I don't just use speech-to-text? It's way faster than I can type. I guess it makes sense for things like coding where there are many symbols, but even that uses Intellisense... If you chat often it has some value I guess, and it's a cool party trick... Why was I on key hero again? Oh that's right! PROCRASTINATION.