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gabetax 4 semaines, 1 jour avant
@emeraldsloth I started logging this about one or two months after migrating to Colemak from QWERTY. On QWERTY I was generally 120-140wpm, so I think I'm primarily restoring the speed I already had. I think a lot of speed comes down to memorizing individual words; the first time I type an uncommon word my speed dramatically drops, and when I practice common vs rare words (Monkeytype has this feature), the common words are much faster. My advice would fall under:

1. Go slow enough to focus on accuracy. A handful of errors drops my WPM for a test by 10-30.
2. Use peripheral vision to look a little ahead of what you're typing. The little bit of extra time lets your brain plan and queue up the physical motion your fingers will make.
3. Breathe.
4. Practice, often, and diversify how you practice. Transcribing visually only gets you so far. Practice taking dictation (possibly from TV)
emeraldsloth 1 mois avant
Hello Gabe, your progress is really impressive! Especially considering your starting speed and the fact that you've only been on this site for about a year - you've made massive gains. I seem to be stuck around 40-45 WPM but fluctuate quite a bit and I was wondering how you were able to build up speed so consistently? Right now 50-55 WPM seems really fast to me and it's hard to imagine going beyond that when my fingers slip so often. Is there anything that really helped you improve?
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Trying to learn Colemak
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