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I initially created this account with the purpose of learning to type in Workman, but later decided that the layout wasn't for me. I am currently using the Engram keyboard layout.

I started learning Workman at the end of February 2021. I achieved the average speed of about 48-50 WPM, and a top speed of 61.5, which took a bit over a month.

Engram Layout Milestones:
- Started learning the layout (~15 WPM)
- 50.84 WPM average, first 60 WPM quote

Engram Layout Learning Diary:

- April, 26th 2021, I started learning Engram, and will use it for this website from now on (28/4/2021). This profile description will serve as my personal (public) diary. It's mainly for myself, but I'll try to share some useful information and tips as I go, in case there are any readers. Wish me luck!

The biggest challenge getting started for me was to avoid the temptation of looking at an image of the layout. It took me about a week until I was getting comfortable typing without looking at an image on the screen. When I got to about 20 WPM, my improvement came to a halt. I had to force myself to practice both with the image and without it until I started to improve, even though my speed initially went down as a result of this.

- May 18th, 2021: It's been 3 weeks now, and I'm slowly creeping towards an average speed of 50 WPM, which is my current goal. Right now my average is at 47 WPM with 91.5% accuracy. I'm still occasionally getting certain keys mixed up (like C/G, L/R, V/P).
Not quite there yet, but progress is progress! :)

My impression of the layout so far is very positive. Typing feels a lot more relaxed and "free" than on Workman, and I am a big fan of typing out most common words with keys that are right next to each other (like the word "power" on QWERTY).

I ended up making a slight modification to the layout by moving the dash key to the end of the bottom row and shifting the rest to the left by one to make the typing more symmetrical. With this change, I really love this layout.

May 21, 2021: I was able to move my average speed above 50 WPM, and I even reached 60 WPM on a quote. My next goal will be to improve my accuracy and minimize typos, while maintaining the 50 WPM average.
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