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ivana. 1 heure, 46 minutes avant
Oh! And btw for all you people that jump into the conversation because you think I am "annoying" I have the perfect advice... Get the f*** off of skeppy's page and mind your own bis... I don't get how you keep defending him when you don't even know him... I do think it is wrong to attack someone else just because you agree with the opposing side... This does not come up as a notification on your phone or your pc so stfu and mind your own life its that simple. The only reason i attacked skeppy is because of his comment on me when I commented on someone else is quote... So i came here to settle my beef and then minecraft boy and hes boyfriend start to jump in like....
ivana. 2 heures, 36 minutes avant
What is wrong with having no profile picture? Is that going to effect my typing? So dumb lol.
ivana. 2 heures, 37 minutes avant
@gevids What i am trying to interpret is my name is Ivan my last name starts with a A.
ivana. 3 heures, 7 minutes avant
. i was not allowed to make a letter upper case but assuming someones gender? if i was a feminist i would be mad XD! I don't see my self proving anyone wrong... Do you even read my comments XD!
ivana. 3 heures, 8 minutes avant
Where are you from? That you think Ivan is a female name? And you can see that i was not trying to attack you in my recent comment so instead of thinking so negatively GROW UP!
skeppy 3 heures, 58 minutes avant
I didn't see you lighten up any mood. You just attempted to prove us wrong, when you were incorrect.

Also, we apologize for thinking that, with your name, you were a female. You have to understand, that most likely the three of us have not been exposed to unique, cultural names, of the sort. "Ivana" and "Ivan" Both sound female in my head.
ivana. 4 heures, 5 minutes avant
I like how i was trying to light up the mood in this conversation and then you guys kill it. And Ivan is a male name look it up.
gevids 1 semaine, 5 jours avant
@skeppy I agree with ya c:
uhhhhh_hi 1 semaine, 5 jours avant
Ivan is still a female name.
skeppy 1 semaine, 6 jours avant
There are two key problems in your statement. First "IF I WAS" (You're not) so this shouldn't even be here, I am actually pretty sure a feminist would be more mad if they think you get mad over a simple mistake. And 2nd being, it's an online website, you made no corrections, you have no profile picture, your old name was a female name.

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