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gevids 6 mois avant
its still going on
ivana. 6 mois, 1 semaine avant
Uh... My name is slow_poke and i like to comment on other peoples conversations because it makes me feel better...
skeppy 6 mois, 2 semaines avant
Are you talking about me or Ivana? I rarely comment on anything...
slow_poke 6 mois, 2 semaines avant
I frequently roam this website, bored at work. Almost everywhere i go i find your name. And your b****ing. and your moaning and complaining and belittling others. Why the pettiness? Are you a sad lonely man? LIFE. it is all around you. soak it up. much more to life than a computer screen and a materialistic keyboard
skeppy 7 mois avant
No, it is not Ryan Skeppingson. I was joking with that. My first name is Ryan though.
ivana. 7 mois avant
Well 20 min and i'm not going to respond for 2 weeks... Bye bye... FOR NOW :>>>
ivana. 7 mois avant
Also I have a question Skeppy... Is your name Ryan Skeppingson? If so that's a pretty cool name not going to lie XD. One of my friends was names Angle Skeppingson.
ivana. 7 mois avant
Well, I do this every monday when I have computer duty... Its really funny having someone to argue with because the only reason I do this is because I am bored XD. When I saw he called me a toxic 12 year old on that random guys quote then I started attacking him (for entertainment) But now its getting boring and he little buddys jumped in too which suprised me because i never knew people where going to be defending the wrong side XD. So Koliandro thx for pointing out XD!
koliandro 7 mois avant
you both ivana and skeppy have no one else around to talk?, have family, kids, pets??, fua, you dont even know eachother!!!, for God sake!!!
ivana. 7 mois avant
You did not read my comment did you? I said that i commented on the person that was talking about money and the world, then i said someone that can relate to is trump... You then called me toxic and i went to your page and started this... Understand now? I did comment on your page first but you commented on my comment on another person's quote first meaning you started this shit.

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