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tax_fluter26 4 années, 1 mois avant
What really helped me improve my typing speed is... Mavis Beacon. I received a cd of her method when I was eight or nine, and loved it. I would still be using her software if not for the simple fact that it is not compatible with the current Mac OS. Great stuff! Am I weird for saying that?
tax_fluter26 4 années, 1 mois avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I... they don't. This is way too much like playing the flute for my fingers to be in pain. No, what hurts are my wrists because I have carpal tunnel. And there is no easy fix for that, is there?
tax_fluter26 4 années, 2 mois avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I...
go wash dishes in nice hot water. It loosens them right up!
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I would like to use my typing skills as a legal secretary or a paralegal.
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Clavier / Portable Logitech
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