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The three women sleeping in their home in the night were done to death by fire-arm, hatchets and sticks. It was cruel and brutal. Have the appellants done so? The Learned Additional Sessions Judge held so and sentenced them to death. We carefully went through the evidence, took note of every item of the prosecution case, pondered and thought over the matter thoroughly. We could not come to be sure that the case against the appellants has been proved beyond reasonable doubt. It appears clearly from the evidence on the record that the three women with two minor children were in their home in the night. The only male member Mehr Khan had gone to see a Next day noon he lodged the FIR giving one motive and one set of accused. He changed the motive and the accused, giving another motive and a second set of accused persons. Lastly and in the Court, he came up with one of the motives and another set of accused, third in the series. Not only he waivered but the investigating agency seems not to have probed the matter deeply and efficiently. The Learned Assistant Advocate General submitted that it was misled by the complainant. May be so, but it was duty, ultimately of the State, to investigate. Investigation does not mean going about as led. It requires inquiring into, finding out, looking into and searching for all facts relevant to the unearthing of the crime. Leisurely of half-hearted efforts never lead to successful results. Search of the truth is always a painstaking Endeavour.
Triple murder should not have been trifled with. Presence of children was natural. They should have been, in the absence of other evidence coming forward. Callous conduct of the complainant in giving one story and one set of accused who were innocent according to himself when he gives different story and names different accuses persons, and then going on to the third, coupled with careless and inefficient investigation, has led to situation that three women have lost their lives and culprits not brought to book in accordance with law. Its efficacy is rendered useless. In this situation, the appellants cannot – simply because they have been brought forward as accused at the last, sentenced to death either. Before any person can be ordered to be hanged, his guilt has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt. As discussed in detail above, there is no worthwhile, reliable, or plausible evidence, much less proving beyond reasonable doubt, to warrant the conviction of the appellants. Therefore, notwithstanding the heavy feeling that three ladies have lost their lives for nothing we cannot uphold the conviction and sentences of death of the appellants. Consequently, the reference is rejected, the appeal is allowed – appellants acquitted of the charges, and revision of or enhancement of compensation dismissed. The appellants shall be set at liberty if not wanted in any other case. The three matters are thus disposed of.
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