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venerated 2 années, 4 mois avant
honestly just turning around and eating the spoon like that was a great attribute that they envied in him. and whence he died it was the only thing people thought about : the fact that if you came up from behind him and had a spoon in your hand with something in it he'd immediately turn around and eat it. really exotic
venerated 2 années, 4 mois avant
it's somewhat bewildering that in the far distance it looks like the world is ending with a flair to give it some zest in a manner with which they grasp the handle
venerated 2 années, 4 mois avant
the part about liking the blue sky originates from someone's color blindness in the first place. agreeing with that is surely a safe guess? although, it can be argued that you would work in favor of the interns working at the directory, but the computer isn't talking to them at all
kiriiya 2 années, 4 mois avant
Sit down, little man :D
venerated 2 années, 4 mois avant
ah yes, standing in the far reaching expanse merely gazing but having no ability to instill your will for you are just a puny human being struggling to not be a cog in artbb.sssssssssss and ele for the webs of the lord all mighty presence of the origin
kiriiya 2 années, 4 mois avant
And thus my diagnosis stands.
venerated 2 années, 4 mois avant
ah yes, deeply condescending because walking in the hard directions towards the east and west has always been forbidden. you can never really peer into the far horizon as long as the orientation is set in just the right way
kiriiya 2 années, 4 mois avant
The only absolute truth here is that you are autistic.
venerated 2 années, 4 mois avant
yes for they are in eternal blissful ignorance of the truth of absolute space
kiriiya 2 années, 4 mois avant
Nobody understood that.

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