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yoobin 3 années avant
My tip to improve your typing speed is to play lots of online multiplayer PC games where fast typed responses are necessary to retort people who are below your skill level.
yoobin 3 années avant
When my fingers hurt after too much time on the keyboard, I endure the pain and endeavor.
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Over-caffeinated engineering student with a damaged circadian rhythm, addictive personality, obsessive-compulsive behavior, god complex, crippling anxiety, social awkwardness, manic tendencies, and a perpetually low blood sugar. Clearly, the solution is to type my frustrations away.

>tfw sartre's quote "man is nothing else but what he purposes, he exists only in so far as he realizes, he is therefore nothing else but the sum of his actions, nothing else but what his life is" comes up as I am typing my life away at 2:57 AM
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Date d'inscription 3 années avant
Clavier / Portable Razer
Configuration du clavier QWERTY
Utilisation des ordis Too many heures / jour
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