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Greg Graffin

bvw 38 minutes avant
Appreciate the context, jjp. I'll stick by my comment. Unlike art, pop music needs fair size audiences. It's hard to fully break music down. Rap tried, "It's like a jungle sometimes." Punker than punk. But it is still music, and has some beauty. Art, the crap that's falling apart today or "conceptual" deconstructionist art? Nasty stuff, only exceeded by Soviet era kid's playground "folk" art. Science, music, art, anything: Bricolage (Claude Levi-Struass). So is anything. "Creative deconstruction", Schumpeter. Solomon: “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”

Greg Graffin

jjp 1 heure, 8 minutes avant
Well Mr. Van Wagner, the person who uttered this quote, Dr. Greg Graffin, happens to hold a PHD in the History of Science from Cornell University. In addition to that minor distinction, he's also one of the founding members of a rather well known punk rock band, "Bad Religion". I'll give his opinion on the subjects the deference due.


weesin 1 heure, 20 minutes avant
The punctuation (or rather, the lack of) in this "quote" is terrible

George Orwell

bvw 1 heure, 27 minutes avant
Sounds like the bad dogs of the DEEP STATE. Mueller, the seventh floor teams at State and the FBI, the whole nets of evil from the Clintons, Podestas, Obamas. and Sorosi. Pensions are bad. Corrupting.

Greg Graffin

bvw 1 heure, 31 minutes avant
That's not sciene. In science you build on existing knowledge, not destroy it. It's not even PUNK. Punk is creative, reactionary. This quote is silly.

Donald Glover, Alias Childish Gambino

weesin 3 heures, 30 minutes avant
I work with youth so I've taken the time to "open my mind" to this garbage "music" so as to better connect with the youth that I work with.....but I can't embrace a style of music that is based on functional illiteracy, violence and misogyny.

Anyone who doesn't think that rap and hip-hop is detrimental to the black community should take the time to do some research....actually listen to the lyrics....maybe open a history book so that they can understand how black men are currently doing to black women what white men once did to them

Kim Jones

reneejay 19 heures, 44 minutes avant
This quote is naive. Of course people still love like this, but we all grow up eventually.

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

bvw 21 heures, 6 minutes avant
I've been a'dying a few times. Thank G-d, I did not, and I am very very thankful for those repreives. I was obviouysly dying -- death was more certain than not. And I might have asked floks not to be sad, but to what end? Their sadness was already real and I was not yet dead! When I survived in, in most cases of family and friends, they had already made me as if dead in their minds. Recapturing a "fullness of my own life" in the minds of most except the most initmate -- my wife, for example, is almost impossible. Somehow, in their minds, as I perceive it again and again, it is as if I am not really here, or still about to check out, my very existence with them is discounted, it is quite maddening should I not see it as very human.

And of the "dead", they are dead. There is no dialogue. In my case both the first and second premises of the quote are not found as fact.

Donald Glover, Alias Childish Gambino

maxlucetyping 21 heures, 11 minutes avant
Weysan y ru so men to ppl who jus want to listen to music. Da musik is veri gud a lut of it u jus hav to hav a open mind is al. y r so mean ;( ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Donald Glover, Alias Childish Gambino

maxlucetyping 21 heures, 11 minutes avant
Weysan y ru so men to ppl who jus want to listen to music. Da musik is veri gud a lut of it u jus hav to hav a open mind is al. y r so mean ;( ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

online source

weesin 21 heures, 33 minutes avant
Can I get a translator please? I speak I have no idea what you're trying to say...

online source

maxlucetyping 21 heures, 41 minutes avant
hap hop is veri good y r u so men 2 ppl who liek soulja boi and stuf ;(


weesin 22 heures, 44 minutes avant
Once again....this is SUPER OFFENSIVE!

What the hell is wrong with you?

These goddamn talentless rappers can't even form proper sentences.....and certainly can't form a sentence without saying "nigga" or "bitch"

They're all a bunch of morons and so are the people who listen to their "music"

Do these morons not realize how they are hurting their own people, their own culture with all this hate mongering? Black Americans fought for so long to be seen as equal to the white man....yet somehow they think it's ok to objectify women, reducing them to merely their sex organs....just as the white man used to reduce them to animals good for nothing other than working the fields. I guess the black man has learned to hate just as the much as the white man used to

Donald Glover, Alias Childish Gambino

weesin 1 jour, 3 heures avant
Actually there are lyrics are not allowed on this site

And I leave negative comments when people do stupid things like leave stupid quotes like this can't honestly tell me that you enjoyed typing this quote....

When people post intelligent, non-offensive quotes, I leave positive comments. When people act like idiots, I let them know

Amy Poehler

itaidagan 1 jour, 7 heures avant
I feel like this quote is too easy and repetitive to be worth practicing.

Donald Glover, Alias Childish Gambino

user601673 1 jour, 17 heures avant
Donald Glover is most definitely not a talentless media whore, he's a writer, actor stand up comedian. Maybe you don't like hiphop that doesn't mean it' stupid. I don't get why you leave so many negative messages on this site.

Weesin, you aren't the quote police, there are no rules to this site that I can find. If people don't like the quote they can just down vote it, and then it doesn't go onto the ones that people have to type.

Donald Glover, Alias Childish Gambino

weesin 1 jour, 19 heures avant
I find it distressing that rap and hip hop have become so popular....that youth look up to these talentless media whores that can't string a proper sentence together....

Scrubs - Season 1

weesin 1 jour, 21 heures avant
you may not enjoy or appreciate this quote (and that is absolutely fine), but it at least makes sense....unlike your quotes....

I have no idea what you mean by "don't judge something before you COPY it"

Scrubs - Season 1

kim2992 1 jour, 21 heures avant
Ok buddy, if we're talking about how my JOKE quotes are stupid, your normal ones are worse. Don't judge something before you copy it buddy. LMAO

Me, and intellectual.

kim2992 1 jour, 21 heures avant
Dude it's a joke. Chill out.