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drblt 4 heures, 28 minutes avant
dont be a dumbass. they are closed for a reason more important then worshipping imaginary friends


user292949 7 heures, 11 minutes avant
why do people vent on a typing site this a whole bruh moment

A Student

user292949 11 heures, 50 minutes avant
this site is somehow very addicting

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cirrostratus 12 heures, 27 minutes avant
Lmaooooo I love this even though I typed far slower than my average.

Joaquín Bartrina

user484913 15 heures, 44 minutes avant
Buena frase, me ha hecho bastante gracia.


lenorite 1 jour, 3 heures avant
Proactive for the win!


ketan0 1 jour, 3 heures avant
I totally relate to the sentiment you've expressed; sometimes I also just want to be allowed to feel sucky about the current moment. That said, I think it's important to give a charitable reading: someone who says "it could be worse" usually has good intentions, in that they're trying to appreciate the good in the current situation, rather than the bad in worse situations.

Richard Dawkins

kumagai 1 jour, 6 heures avant
The "serious" atheist is just as obsessed with religion as the "serious" religious practitioners they loathe. They make their disbelief in God a huge part of their identity, and they wouldn't know who they are without it. A "real" atheist would be someone who just honestly didn't give a f*** if God existed or not. They would just live their life and never think about it.


mecha128 1 jour, 6 heures avant
Lol follow your own advice. Ignore the "mean" people, they don't have to do what you want them to do. Instead of telling them to do what you want, you should be nicer to them! Hypocrite haha.

Alex Hirsch (Gravity Falls)

tommyinnit 1 jour, 10 heures avant
there should be 'with' after in so the correction would look like this 'in case some maniac tries to sneak in with a ladder.'


allors.4612 1 jour, 15 heures avant
Love the reference, but the caps-lock doesn't really suit this website.

Ya Boi

lenorite 1 jour, 18 heures avant
Good wisdom


user693431 2 jours, 5 heures avant


tang 2 jours, 6 heures avant
How did you know you were in the height?

Bill Keating

kiriiya 2 jours, 6 heures avant
This does not jive with my gwxnge disposition.

Lee Gregory

entitled 2 jours, 8 heures avant
No one dares to finish this quote

Car's Corner

stormysky23 2 jours, 11 heures avant
I think it's safe to say they're like diamonds (they aren't a specific size) they can be big or small, tall or short

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weiahe 2 jours, 21 heures avant
Kjg; g; ,jt tsf f;d h.soav


kiriiya 2 jours, 21 heures avant
Words of such wisdom have never been uttered.

Iron Man

weiahe 2 jours, 22 heures avant
One of the highest rated quotes on here