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user74052 13 heures, 47 minutes avant
Finally got over 100 wpm with this quote so thanks Anonymous

Hannah Arendt

urabotboiii 1 jour, 14 heures avant
ur such a bot stop typing and get a life

Dan Scott

weesin 2 jours, 9 heures avant
I second the motion!

Dan Scott

sarahniestrath 2 jours, 10 heures avant
Please, no more OTH quotes!!!!!


anhiro 2 jours, 11 heures avant
Again, another oh-so deep quote about two extremes...

National Alliance

weesin 2 jours, 18 heures avant
This is disgusting nazi speak. Take your ignorance and hatred somewhere else


weesin 2 jours, 21 heures avant
Awkwardly written

Paul Bowles

mcmacladdie 3 jours, 18 heures avant
Is it bad that I remember this because Brandon Lee quoted it during an interview on the set of The Crow?


weesin 4 jours, 8 heures avant
Religious propaganda is not allowed on this site

L J Smith

weesin 4 jours, 14 heures avant
'That the my world's' doesn't make sense

Mark Hunter

betty_d 4 jours, 17 heures avant
Good quote. But the best line from this movie was "I can smell a lie like a fart in a car". I still use that line often. Unfortunately, it doesn't meet the 150 character minimum for this site.

William Goldman

weesin 4 jours, 18 heures avant
What a great movie. And even better book!

Diane Ackerman

weesin 4 jours, 21 heures avant
Should be "or who to trust" NOT "for who to trust"

Denmark Pascua

weesin 4 jours, 23 heures avant
Seriously? Why bother posting this?

Nick Hornby

weesin 5 jours, 13 heures avant
Ha! I'll agree that he can be a bit much at times, however, I urge you to stick with it - in my opinion he's one of the most brilliant, hilarious and engaging modern writers

Nick Hornby

betty_d 5 jours, 14 heures avant

Nick Hornby

betty_d 5 jours, 14 heures avant
The euphemisms. Some of his euphemisms are pretty cringe-worthy. I mean "peach-fish"?!!I Just ew. But, I'm trying to be a grown up and get passed it. : D

Hermann Hesse

weesin 5 jours, 14 heures avant
I agree with you @anhiro, but the quote submitted is very extreme and does not allow for such nuances - it simply says that if you hate something it's because it's a part of you - a very ignorant statement to make

Nick Hornby

weesin 5 jours, 14 heures avant
@betty_d, I'm glad you're giving Tom Robbins another try and hope that you enjoy it. I'm curious as to what made you give up when you tried a few years ago. As for John Steinbeck, I agree with you - Sweet Thursday was definitely kind of "meh" and I also agree that The Winter of Our Discontent is by far his best work

John Darnielle

betty_d 5 jours, 14 heures avant
I got a really bad score on this one, because I was laughing so hard! It's difficult to type quickly and accurately when you're cracking up. : D