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J.B. Priestley

anhiro 1 heure avant
Today's wars aren't necessarily between nations, or the left and the right. They're just distractions for the real war which is - and has always been - the top vs. the bottom. If there are less violent revolts nowadays against the ones who control the top of the pyramid, it's because the bottom are slowly getting their rights and their means to fight back taken away by the ones who rule above.

Hearing this quote describing all this as "progress" really kills my soul.

Kevin Mondragon

weesin 7 heures, 49 minutes avant
Very poorly written

Mitch Albom

bvw 23 heures, 48 minutes avant
How does Mitch Albom know this? Does he read minds, does he see the future, is he claiming prophetic enlightenment into the whole life and purpose of all, or at least "so many", people? He doesn't know! He's huckstering his own chosen life path. Sorry, but that ain't for everyone. Sometimes the most morose and selfish and vicious person has to be all that to get his purpose done. So I do understand. For example we all are or should be thankful for the expiration date labels on milk. But you know who made that happen? Gangster and vicious murdering Al Capone, when he was repurposing his bootleg transport and delivery appartus as Prohibition ended. Al got a stranglehold on the labeling tech before the other dairies, and bought out a big dairy to take over the milk market, getting law help by making date labeling mandatory. He also ran soup kitchens. Was he a kind man?

Mark Hunter

weesin 1 jour, 1 heure avant
I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Now I'm going to have to go home and watch's been a long time since I've seen it

Agglomeration of particles

weesin 1 jour, 2 heures avant
sloppily written

"there is only up to you" doesn't even make sense

Patrick Ness

weesin 1 jour, 2 heures avant
sloppily written

Markus Zusak

kikiclicks 1 jour, 3 heures avant
Very frighting quote


bvw 1 jour, 4 heures avant
That quote is quite depraved, psychologically. Yes. A person who indulges his or her own "inner turmoil" to fuel some sick form of "kindness" will always become burnt out. It's the wrong fuel, used the wrong way. Your life is not your own, it is God's. If your inner turmoil is used as a fuel for whatever motive, except to reduce it first, reduce the harms that are afflicted upon the body and spirit by burning the candle at both ends. You must be kind. Whether you are in inner turmoil or not! Be kind to yourself first and heal thyself. That is an obligation to God and your fellows. Once ayou get that lined up properly, then reach out to help others.

Now there are bad people who can mass up against you. And there are bad times, when the bad ones weild too much of the power in a society, in a family, in a workplace. That is tough on the psyche and can hurt, a lot.


weesin 1 jour, 20 heures avant
I'm not suggesting that you care... You've made it clear by posting that quote that you don't care. I'm suggesting that you do a little research into the negative connotations the use of such diminutive terms have so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you care about them

Words have power... So it's imperative that you understand the impact of the words you choose to use

Will Ferrell

fitemesrsly 2 jours avant


mollohan_hannah 2 jours avant
@weesin i mean i could care less what people call me, i’m just saying because me and my best always use terms like this and i’ll look at it later though


anhiro 2 jours avant
Please think twice before blindingly extending a hand to a psychopath. Many a good samaritan's life has been ruined by taking in the wrong person, and I'm afraid quotes like these will just reinforce this self-destructing habit of pathological altruism.


acgimael 2 jours avant
First: Friendly fire - isn't. Second: Recoilless rifles - aren't. Third: Suppressive fires - won't. Fourth: You are not Superman. Marines and fighter pilots take notes. Fifth: A sucking chest wound is Nature's way of telling you to slow down. Sixth: If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid. Seventh: Try to look unimportant; the enemy may be low on ammo and not want to waste a bullet on you.

Stefan Molyneux

anhiro 2 jours, 1 heure avant
This guy will browbeat you if you donate money to him and deems it to small a donation... He's such a clown.

But given his lineage, it's not at all that surprising when you consider that.


anhiro 2 jours, 1 heure avant
Definitely could use more of these over here!


weesin 2 jours, 1 heure avant
This is ridiculous. I think you have a skewed view of love if you're equating it to a friggin' bagel...


weesin 2 jours, 1 heure avant
redundant and stupid

Chancellor Palpatine

miguelito 2 jours, 1 heure avant
the only what!??!?!


honeybeelee 2 jours, 3 heures avant
And I thought my quote was personal.. DAMN! This is quite offensive.


throwawei 2 jours, 5 heures avant
The way this was written makes me think the author walks around contradicting people by pushing up his glasses and starting conversations with "akshually..."