Chameleon in Disguise - Destinie Rodriguez-Lopez

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Beware of the tricky chameleon, who has lost his true color. The tricky chameleon who has changed so many times, he knows not of his origin. The tricky chameleon who tells lies, but only because he cannot tell the truth.

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bvw 2 années, 2 mois avant
Okay your honor, I object! And do not object at the same time. For one a liar can say ANYTHING, and each one statement can indeed be the truth. It is a technique of effective liars to lead with a simple obvious truth, and then to slip in the lie behind it.

Yet a liar never tells the truths, for even the true thing said by a liar becomes suspect by the fact that a person who doesn't care about truth says it, and a true thing becomes smoked and dirtied by the liar who cares that you believe his lie, which accompanies the true things said. Lies are nasty stuff, and liars are disease spreaders.

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