Colors - Kitty Hatasie

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We see colours all the time, but never question it. We merely stare and admire its beauty. We don't realize that the colours we see are not its true colour. We all see everything differently. All things, colours, people, and animals are all unique.

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llamalland 3 années, 5 mois avant
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bvw 4 années, 1 mois avant
We are each unique, and each with unique task or tasks to do in our lifetime. Yet it is not true that we each have our own unique way of seeing colors. Yes, there are a signiicant number of fellow humans who have less than three functioning color receptors in their eye, and there are also very rare few of us who have four! We also see shades of light (greys some might say). And our perception of color has some complexities such as the spectrum of light the colored item is seen it, the proximity of other colors and shades, and also movement. These are known by the study of human eye phsiology, of optics, and of optical illusions, not to mentions the long developed conventions of art, which includes a divesity of areas in itself. From beauty makeup to the great paintings of the 1400's through 1800's, to modern web design, car colors, etc etc. All speal to color uniformity.

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