Stan the Scam - Alex Hirsch

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Studies show owning a ladder is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns, just in case some fool tries to sneak in here with a ladder.

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danman 1 mois avant
I sense sketchiness when I see a man with a ladder.
wotlover987 1 année, 7 mois avant
Maybe you should carry ten ladders instead
translucent 1 année, 7 mois avant
We now need a way to carry ladders around easily, and we will have nothing to fear from armed people! right.
user227058 1 année, 11 mois avant
Good Job
enderess 2 années avant
This is the best.
keynasty 2 années avant
Best quote every; bar none!
callas 2 années, 8 mois avant

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