Who Taught You To Hate Yourself - Malcolm X

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We don't steal, we don't gamble, we don't lie and we don't cheat. You can't get into a whiskey bottle without getting past a government seal. You can't buy a deck of cards without getting past a government seal. Here the white man makes the whiskey then puts you in jail for getting drunk. He sells you the cards and the dice and puts you in jail when he catches you using them.

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bvw 4 années, 7 mois avant
Hate drops from every phrase of that quote, it's ugly. "Government seal"!! There are governments, we men have a duty to form them, and taxing distilled spirits like whiskey is a decent way to raise revenue. Men can drink moderately. Most men: white and black. Some men, white and black, any race, must totally abstain. For all sorts of reason, their own body chemistry for one. Religious zeal of a goof sort another. Being on the wagon: avoidance in toto so as to keep one's inability to master drink in check also a good thing that some must apply. And it is hard, but it is done, and many do support the person who needs to employ such a self-restriction.

But to buy the liquor from a store means to pay a tax, and that "government seal" is no more than a tax stamp. That tax has no connection to temperanace or intemperance. And a man or woman's intermperance is a danger.

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