ER-Freefall - Neela Rasgotra

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Today was pretty amazing. I've never seen anything like it. I didn't think we could handle it but we did. We did really well; we saved lives. It's like a roller coaster. I've always hated roller coasters but... I sort of can't wait for the next ride.

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bvw 5 années avant
ER's are for the adrenaline junkie and story-teller. Every one into triage, the hurt, the ill, the caregiver, family member, taxi driver, etc surfs in on a giant story wave. And such a mix! And there are different ER's: badlands and suburbia, rural and urban. Each it's own strengths and weakpoints.

In a busy ER, popping with vitality, in the face of the worst and best humans do in the world.

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