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I hope I am the same person that I think I am. I hope I can do something more, even more than what they think that I can. I hope I can make them believe that it's possible to do what I am thinking right now. I hope I would be able to prove to them that I can do what I am thinking right now. I hope I can make them think like how I am thinking right now.

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alexer201 1 année avant
Additionally, the phrase that ends every sentence doesn't make much sense. " they think that I can; what I am thinking right now; like how I am thinking right now. "
alexer201 1 année avant
After typing through it a few times to get my head around it, this quote seems to have a pretty good premise, however, it's got several bits in it that make no sense. " make them think like how I am thinking " or " more even more than they think. " I'd say it'd make a pretty good quote if it was rewritten.
weesin 1 année avant
This quote is terrible. The grammar is terrible. The repetition is dizzying! This looks like it was written by someone for whom English is not their first language....which is fine...but if you're posting English quotes for English users, proper English would be most helpful....

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