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When practicing your typing, never give up. When I started practicing typing, I used to give up midway when I made 1 or 2 mistakes in that paragraph. When I stopped doing that and completed every paragraph regardless if I performed good or bad, that's when I improved.

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slowtyper237 9 mois, 1 semaine avant
Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna make you cry, and desert you.
weesin 2 années, 10 mois avant
"performed good or bad" is grammatically sloppy....."performed well or poorly" should be used instead

Also, the second sentence is awkward. If you insert the word "started" before the word "completing", it would flow better and be much clearer to the reader
oremus 3 années, 3 mois avant
Not "good or bad" but rather "well or poorly".

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