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This is a message to those who read this quote, as you type this as fast and accurate as possible. I hope this isn't too difficult. I wanted to add a quote that would be easy to type out, so that it may be used for practice. So I made my own quote. I can only hope this quote is accepted.

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tootsieroll 1 mois avant
I appreciate this quote by a fellow roll. It's the right difficulty level, and content doesn't matter much when typing.
divine_. 1 mois avant
I just don't get quotes like this. just stop making this type of garbage.
jackey2baccey 5 mois avant
how is typing easy stuff practice?
llamalland 11 mois, 2 semaines avant
I hate quotes like this, they really take you out of the mental zone by trying to get you to pay attention to its inanity and are way less clever than the authors think they are.
brumpus45 2 années, 3 mois avant
This was a surprisingly difficult quote to keep a steady pace for. Pretty good quote, it gave me a challenge that I needed.

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