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You know, sometimes I'm on here typing away and I come across a quote that simply pierces my soul with its candor and vulnerability. Of course, it totally ruins my WPM but I don't really mind that bit. The value I find in that, usually small, quote far outweighs my typing ambitions. So here's to all those who find solace in putting themselves out there for all of us working to improve our typing speed. Cheers.

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weesin 1 année, 1 mois avant
I disagree. I would prefer that people don't 'put themselves out there' - I don't want to read about the personal business of total strangers - that makes me feel uncomfortable. Another issue with these personal quotes is that they're more often than not fraught with errors which do nothing other than trip up other typists
aquarius771 1 année, 11 mois avant
So true. My feelings exactly!

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