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I think that everybody should try to help each other as much as possible! There are many different ways you could try to help somebody. One thing you could do is if you see that somebody's hands are full and they are trying to open a door, then you could run and help them.

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bumblebee99 5 mois, 1 semaine avant
i dont do well with punctuation so i got a 35 wpm
divine_. 9 mois, 3 semaines avant
nah im good
qqqqq 3 années avant
helper 3 années avant
Thank you all!
unsername 3 années avant
So so so true and I really hope that this quote will be typed by me and many other people, and maybe you could have a chance to type it to!!!!!!!!!!!
~call me Victoria~

oilforolive 3 années avant
easy 3 années avant
somthing 3 années avant
AWESOME and so true.
hike 3 années avant
We all should help each other. That is so true.
kaited 3 années avant
lethay 3 années avant
auger7233 3 années avant
faithvictoria 3 années avant

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