Lies maintain the insane. - Denise G.

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There is only one truth. There is only one course of events that created world history. There is no such thing as any one person having "their truth" and it being any more factual than an opinion. One cannot selectively accept history to fabricate a relevant timeline of events. Facts are facts. But the reality of history not being favorable to one's very existence shakes the ground that they stand on. So lies maintain the sanity of the desperate.

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imustbeabigot 7 mois, 3 semaines avant
Thanks weesin
imustbeabigot 7 mois, 3 semaines avant
I need to clarify that I meant "better company on the right" ONLY in regard to this topic.
weesin 7 mois, 3 semaines avant
this is one of the best comments I've seen in a while. Thanks imustbeabigot
imustbeabigot 7 mois, 3 semaines avant
This quote is alluding to the fact that many people these days claim that things are a certain way because it's "their truth" and hold onto that rather than accepting THE truth. They will distort historical facts to appeal to their own beliefs or to be politically correct. They are snowflakes denying reality to live in comfort rather than improving themselves. They will even deny facts if it doesn't support their reality (their "truth"). They are living in an imaginary lala land in their minds. Unfortunately, I have seen that this is very common among the left, which I belong to and it frustrates me. This is because if I could simply change my political notions then I would at least have some better company on the right (Not all of them, obviously).
this 7 mois, 4 semaines avant
I don't get it.
bvw 1 année, 2 mois avant
Who and what is this talking about? Without that it's spurious nonsense.

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