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Have you ever wondered who put the alphabet in alphabetical order? Or who made numbers and math the way it is today? These are all things I think of in the shower.

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kiriiya 1 année, 10 mois avant
Answer. Fuck, whatever.
kiriiya 1 année, 10 mois avant
The math part has an easy question.
bvw 4 années, 2 mois avant
These are excellent questions, and one should take them on vigorously outside the shower. And consider related questions, like: Why did most Westen Hemisphere cultures (all, afaik) had NO alphabet. Some had counting symbology. and some rudimentary quasi-standard pictograms, but no real alphbet. Or why did the Romans use the complicated system of Roman numerals? And were the picto-glyphic wrtten languages of Ancient Eygpt and also that of China preceded by a phoentic alphabet, and if so why was it replaced?

Then there are meta-questions: can these questions be answered, and to what degree of accuracy? The past is always befogged! Some think they discover some stones, or ancient papyrii and solve it. Take a paltry amount of artifacts, and queasy bits of "dating" technology and combine arrogance and we'll have many false certainties paraded as utter holy truths.

user601673 4 années, 3 mois avant
But why did they put the alphabet in alphabetical order?

Sorting libraries is all I can think of.
oremus 4 années, 3 mois avant
Alphabet -> The Phoenicians
Numbers -> The Arabs & Persians
Math -> The Arabs & Enlightenment Era Northern Europeans

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