Even Cowgirls Get the Blues - Tom Robbins

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And if your master truly loved you, he would tell you that. In order to escape the bounds of earthly experience, you bind yourself to a master. Bound is bound. If your master really loved you, he would not demand your devotion. He would set you free - from himself, first of all.

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bvw 1 année, 1 mois avant
I still use icebox. And now I'll to usage it the more. Prefer to the term "fridj"
winchester2 1 année, 1 mois avant
Your explanation is incorrect as well. Do you not know that the term current usage refers to use by the consensus? An analogy for you: if I start using the term "icebox" (which was used commonly a couple hundred years ago to refer to a refrigerator or fridge) that does not mean the word is in current usage. I hope this explanation has brought you to an understanding which the rest of us enjoy.
bvw 1 année, 1 mois avant
So there, I just made it a current usage.
winchester2 1 année, 1 mois avant
Current usage supersedes past usage.
bvw 1 année, 1 mois avant
I plead a variant spelling, and how do you spell the following words used in the Original US Constitution: Attendance, Behaviour, encreased, Continuance, Acceptance, Emolument, it's (in the sense "of it", belonging to), imminent, Labour, Presidt (evidently as a abbreviation). And also a few other words: Fedeoral,
winchester2 1 année, 1 mois avant
bvw 1 année, 2 mois avant
A profoundly shallow reading of existance.

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