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It's that a decent amount of those who contribute quotes should proofread more, or at all for that matter. On a site that exists to teach people how to type more effectively; things like grammar and sentence structure should have a higher priority. For example, if you use a transition you need a comma. Proper nouns are capitalized. If you're going to list items you need a colon. I realize this is a case of grammar Nazism, but you're trying to get better at typing aren't you?

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weesin 9 mois avant
I would whole-heartedly support/vote for the Typists' National Socialist Party of Grammar!
anhiro 9 mois avant
Only the the Typist's National Socialist Party of Grammar can move this website forward!
gtrreaper43 9 mois avant
true very true
weesin 9 mois avant
I couldn't agree more!!! It's nice to learn that I'm not the only one on this site who is offended by the apparent illiteracy of a lot of the people on this site.

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