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How come you guys won't accept any of my quotes? I am distinctly disgruntled. Also there are numerous quotes here that don't make up the 150 mark - I'm of the opinion some of the most honest, telling quotes are those which candidly and simply state in a few concise words what is straining to be heard inside the speakers head. Pfft. You should have some sort of option where we can choose beforehand what quotes appear. Or at least curb the frankly shameless amount of Stephanie Meyer quotes.

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samshare23 9 années avant
@ telio.
Have it your way...but his point stands.
I find it quite irritating with all the "Son's and Daughter's" by D.H. Lawrence...uh, "quotes".
It seems like somebody typed in, piece by piece, the entire friggin book! #$@#$#@
teilo 9 années, 6 mois avant
That's because mine is a comment. Not a quote that one is expected to type. Notice the difference?
samshare23 9 années, 6 mois avant
There are, also, too many Harry Potter "quotes". Seriously? You want to call those quotes? STOP IT!
And why do I keep getting the same "quotes" over and over again?
@ telio.
Lighten up. This person didn't just make up some useless bit of gibberish to "quote". This is a valid opinion that makes some excellent points on the demerits and drawbacks of this site. It is interesting to note, that even you had to finish your comment with your own observations/opinions/suggestions/criticism...
teilo 9 années, 8 mois avant
Well, for one, if I know it is a quote invented by the person submitting it, I immediately down vote it, no matter what. I realize there are a few decent self-quotes here, but if this site eliminated ALL self quotes, then the quality of the material on this site would sky rocket. I would gladly wade through the occasional tedious Meyer or Dessen quote if I didn't have to get bogged down with the shallow, tedious, trite, and/or grammatical train-wrecks that almost all these self-quotes are.

OR: If, at the least, once I downvote a quote, if it would never appear for me again, that would be bliss.
user35695 9 années, 9 mois avant
This is the first quote that I clicked the smiley face for. Meyer blows.

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